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R & D



R & D

Research & Development activities play a vital part in maintaining Apple‘s market position through Development and subsequent commercial scale ups of new products. Research & Development at Apple is making a major contribution to strengthen corporate competitiveness by concentrating on product value addition and technological prowess. It also provides technical support to markets. At Apple, We are committed to do world-class research that develops innovative medicines. This focus incorporates both a respect for resources and the manner in which resources are committed to specific, defined projects with timelines. We are equipped with the modern facilities to manufacture a wide range of compressed Tablets (Uncoated/film coated/enteric coated/sugar coated & sustained release) & Liquid orals (Syrups, Suspensions) and External preparation.


Years experience

Keeping up with the present scenario of excise laws we have located our manufacturing operations at the state-of-the-art plant in EXCISE EXEMPTED AREA at Kishan Pur, Roorkee, and located 25 km from Haridwar. Spread over 2700 sq yds of verdant, picturesque surroundings, amidst lush green lawns and thick foliage, the site is away from humdrum of typical industries area, free from congestion and pollution. Apple Formulations is a professionally managed pharmaceutical company constituted as per Schedule ‘M’ guidelines and commissioned in 2006. The plant building is completely closed with restricted access for man and material. Well maintained gardens and metallic road surround the building.

Truly unique in every sense of term, the plant’s standards and facilities can match any other, worldwide. Apart from the manufacturing facility it is our professional attitude and corporate philosophy which can be of advantage to our strategic partners.